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Colors – Crucial component of interior

Everything revolves around the looks. Unlike other designs Interior and Decor also gets the appraisal if colors and good. So, we can say colors are important component of any décor or interior design. Color can give life to home or workplace. It makes the place interesting and inviting.

Color shows

  • The taste of place owner
  • The style of designer
  • Understanding of Designer
  • Skill of designer to understand the requirement
  • Concept of Pattern

So, before deciding about the color we need to spend good time to understand, user, and visitor of the place. There are some key factors to be considered before deciding about the color patterns. If we are working on home décor then it can be kids place, living room, dinning room, master bedroom, balcony, guest room, etc. You can have different color scheme for different space.

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If its workplace it can be work floor, management cabin, meeting place, eating place, etc.

Colors, Interior, Decor, Office Decor, Home Decor,

There are many online resources available. You can use them to see the effect of colors. One of such tool is Virtual Manager by Berger.

You can apply simple color or any artistic textures for walls. Texture can turn the wall into an art piece.

While working colors I found interesting informationm which I would like to share. Some good patterns which you can consider. Just visit this Blog Link. Though its old one, as its discussing pattern for 2006, still it can be useful Top Trend Setting Color Schemes for 2006.

Just like wall color of doors, windows and furniture is equally important. Though we work on antique and traditional type of furniture, but to match with the requirement we offer modern color patterns and designs in furniture. Do check our facebook page for out furniture range.

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