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Mirror Style – How to finalize.

Every component in our home and office is important. We have to plan thoroughly for every corner and section of our home and office. Be it an entrance, living room, bed room, dinning room, meeting room, washroom etc. There are several component of considerations. Along with other there is one which is very important but generally we ignore it. Specially in case of home décor we tends to go casual with this. That component is mirror. I will try to through some light on, why its important and how to finalize the mirror style.

Why mirror is important

No matter where you put mirror, it makes your space bigger, brighter and beautiful. I got some interesting mirror designs from internet cloud. Before going further I would like to show them.

Brass Frame, Home Decor, Finalise Mirror Style  Mirror, Modern Decor, Home Decor, Office Decor, Finalise Mirror Style

    Decor, Home Decor, Workspace decor, office decor, Indian Handicraft, Finalise Mirror Style Wooden DecorHome Decor, Office Decor, Finalise Mirror Style

You can see that you can have any size, any design of mirror. Depending on the style of your furniture you can finalize the size and designs. But the question is how it enhances our décor. Because of its property of reflection, it creates a second image of your room, which includes the lighting arrangement also. Hence it doubles the light. Also it makes us feel that room is of bigger size. Because of duplication of light, room will look much brighter. Which enhance the beauty of the room.

How to finalize the mirror style

Check the above image again, you can see the mirror can be in frame made with Iron, Wood, Stone etc.

It can in any design such as plain, painted, carving or antique etc. It can be any style traditional or modern.

Before finalizing mirror following questions need to be addressed:-

  • Which material?
  • Which style?
  • What design?

Out these style is most important. We can follow any style

  • Traditional – which is ever lasting and goes with any style. Most of us likes that.
  • Modern – which has a sync with your furniture, and current trend. It changes with time and changes with the person.

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