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Wardrobes and Cabinets – Innovated with Craft

Wardrobes and Cabinets, Undoubtedly a vital part of any décor or interior. Without Wardrobes and Cabinets, nobody can imagine a home. In the absence of Wardrobes and Cabinets home will look messed and unorganized whereas, their presence will keep home neat and organized.

Being a specialist in crafted and antique furniture I will share some options in traditional Indian Craft. I will share some pics made in mango and sheesham wood. They are not made by usual carpenters but by craftsmen.

There are so many styles, patterns, designs, and sizes to follow for Wardrobes and Cabinets. But to decide for home, there are so any issues to be takes care, such as:

  • Usage
  • Location
  • Sizes

Wardrobes and Cabinets – Usage, Location and Sizes

I will try to address all issues at once. Its very simple, in any home we have some fix usages like:

  • Wardrobes for Cloths

Home Decor, Antique, Crafted, Handicraft, wardrobes Home Decor, Antique, Crafted, Handicraft, wardrobes

  • Cabinets for Books

Book Cabinet, Crafted Rack, wardrobes   Book Cabinet, Crafted Cabinet, wardrobes

  • Cabinets for Kitchen wares

Wood Glass, Handicraft, Craft, wardrobes   Craft, Wood, Wardrobe, Cabinet

  • TV Cabinet

TV Cabinet, Crafted TV Cabinet, Wooden, Antique, wardrobes

  • Shoe rack

Antique, Shoe rack, wardrobes

You can go for dedicated cabinets or racks also for hybrid cabinets or racks. By dedicated cabinets or racks I mean to say, single purpose cabinets such as

  • Closed cabinet or racks for shoes, cloths or files etc
  • Open cabinet or racks for books, crockery, magazines, decorative etc.

Home Decor, Antique, Crafted, Handicraft, wardrobes wardrobes

By hybrid cabinets or racks I mean to say multipurpose cabinets or racks such as

  • Half closed and half open
  • Half closed and half covered with glass doors.

Antique Book rack, Crafted, Indian Craft, wardrobes  Wooden Craft, wardrobes



Once we are done with above issues, another set of issues are to be taken care, such as:

  • Design & Style
  • Material

Design & Style

As far as design and style is concerned modern style or traditional style are two which can be followed.

Modern style means, that is in fashion, that maps with current trend, but will become out of fashion in very short time. Also it varies from person to person. Some of your friend will like it and some will not.

Other is ethnic and traditional. Everybody will feel royal with you at your home. Its ever lasting.


Like designs and style, material also has many options such as iron, board or wood.

Out of these wood is something which gives us

  • Finish,
  • Elegance
  • Royal look
  • Long life.

All images I shared above are in whole wood concept and are available in mango and sheesham woods.

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