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Decor Considerations – Top 6

In one of my previous article, I discussed some key points for decor. We should consider them seriously before finalizing the decor. Here I am trying to cover those top 6 decor considerations, which affect of design and makes our place interesting.

Decor Considerations – Top 6

  • Color
  • Artifacts and decorative
  • Sitting Arrangements
  • Storage Arrangements
  • Space utilization
  • Taste and vision

It will be very difficult to cover these in one small article. Either I write a long article, which is injustice to my reader friends, or cover them in multiple articles. I believe second approach is more suitable.


Out of all key points, I believe color is most important. We are surrounded by so many colors, different shades and variety of lights. Colors we use, shades we apply, light pattern we apply in our home affects our state mood and state of mind. Sometimes we notice it sometimes not.

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These are colors and shades which makes our home attractive or dull. So, the first step to relinquishing fear in the use of color is to understand the psychological effects it has on us

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Each color has its own meaning and impact of all human beings. Yellow is cheerful, red is stimulus and so on. I will try to cover in separate article.

While designing color pattern and shades we can take help of color selector tools. Many companies provide online color selector tools. One very good tool is from Asian paints. Its is publicly available on website. You can check different types of color patterns and shades and see how your room will be.

Artifacts and decorative

After color, artifacts and decorative is other major decor considerations which makes the difference. You can place decorative on wall, side table or any cabinet. If you go to market or go online to check artifacts and decoratives, you will get many options. You have a option in terms of material, pattern, styles etc.

I will try to throw some light on this and other decor considerations in my next articles in this series.

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