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Why not Indian Decor

India is country with different languages, cultures, life styles etc. Every corner of country has its own way of life. People living in different regions has their own peculiar type of home décor and life style. This is our culture, its in our blood. Its more justified to say that home decor is something which comes naturally to we Indians. We have different styles for different moods, occasions, festivals etc.

Why not Indian Decor

After studying many ways of home décor like Rajasthani style, Bengally style, Karnatak Style, Maharashtra Style Punjabi Style and many more, I thought, when we have some many styles of our own then why we trying to get influenced with other styles. Why we look toward styles like Spanish, English, Roman for our own lovely home.

Our cultures if so vast and we have so many home décor style. If we decide to try each style once for some months, we will not be able to follow all styles. Reason is very simple, we love our home. Our home reflects our style, our cultures, our heritage. And when we are full of heritage then why to look towards others. We should follow our craft and style.

As mentioned earlier there are various ways to go. You can follow pure style. For Instance pure Rajasthani Style, Pure Dravidian Style, Pure Punjabi Style Pure Bengally Style. In each style, its very easy to find accessorize for each corner of our lovely home. From main entrance to backyard, from guest room to balcony, from bed room to study room, from lobby to kitchen, accessorizes are available.

Its very easy to find Rajasthani Bed, Rajasthani, Bed Covers, Rajasthani Stools, Rajasthani Chairs, Rajasthani Cabinets, Rajasthani Mirror Frames, Rajathani Decoratives and many more. Some is with every styles.

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Instead of pure style we can follow mix of all styles and give a Indian look to our home. For instance Rajasthani Style of Furniture, Rajasthani and Punjabi style of bed covers and bed sheets. Different style of Painting like PaatChitra from Andhra, Woodpainting from karnatak, Brass mirror frames from UP, paper mache from Kashmir and Andhra etc. Carpet from UP or Bihar or Kashmir or Panipat. There are many options.

I will try to cover each section in separate article. Simply because each section has so many variations and options, it very difficult to cover all in one article.

Here I will try to draw a sketch of Indian Home Decor. Indian Home Decor usually affects each corner of house. Like there is a culture and style behind the hanging for main door, known as toran. Not only hanging there is a culture and style behind the God Image for entrance. Similarly varied styles of cabinets, wardrobes, book racks etc have their own style and culture.

I will try to dedicate separate article to each style and each corner of home. I found many ethnic decoratives and furniture options on .

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