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Indoor Swing – For Modern Wooden Furniture Collection

In many older our house had something which we are missing today. Along with other wooden furniture, one item was very important item in our living rooms. It was Indoor Swing aka. Jhula. Wooden Indoor Swing was common household item in whole India but in some states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu It was a part of Culture. There was a time when two hooks in ceiling once supported a jhula, the large swinging seats that were common in houses across India.

Though shrinking varandahs, shrinking rooms are so called modernisation tried to create a vacuum and remove the Jhula (Indoor Swing) with other wooden furniture from our houses yet jhulas continue to have an allure.  Its soothing rocking motion, royal feeling, relaxing pendulum motion is the memories we carried.  There is an automatic sense of relaxation in a jhoola but other interesting fact is also there, when they find one in a house they visit they don’t automatically sit in jhula. This is because In past it was considered to be reserved for the masters of the house.

Options of Outdoor and Indoor Swing

Because of transition time when varandah and rooms were shrinking Jhula remained the part of religion. On many festivals such as Krishn Janamastmi we use Jhula. Because we like jhula so we tried many options of Jhula.

There are many options which we tried :

  • Indoor Wooden Jhula (Indoor Swing)
  • Iron Jhula for Out Door
  • Thread Jhula (very common in Gujarat)
  • Fibre Jhula
  • Washable Cotton Swing
  • Hammock Swing

There are many option but still Wooden Jhula has its own attraction. Everybody likes have jhula as a part of other Wooden furniture.

This is especially common with NRIs, which in India have memories of swings and homes with the room to install them. India’s challenge is to convince regular clients that their homes have space for swings. It needs the ceiling plaster to be broken to solve a hook by standard technique, replace the hook on the iron lattice and re-plaster the ceiling that looks uneven, patchy and expensive.

At Samarth crafts we created Wooden Indoor Swing (Jhula) in other ways. A seat of two tied with a strong solid wood stand, as shown in photo below.

Ethnic furniture brings you back to a distinct age of living in its carefully designed details. This style of furniture, influenced by ethnic art and literature, is intended to balance design with the practicality required by your home.  

Indoor Swing, Indoor Swing Online
Wooden Indoor Swing Made with Sheesham wood

In the elegant home furnishing room, Samarth Crafts, a major consumer brand, introduced another distinctive product to offer interior elegance and ethnic appearance. Jhula is specially constructed with Sheesham wood, which provides this distinctive product power and lengthy life. Portable design makes it simple to handle and install this jhula. This makes it simple to move comfortably anywhere.

Jhula is comfortable for 2 seats and can be a sofa substitute. “Jhula is one of the best products for us. We are thrilled to give our customers convenience and elegance. Our craftsmen work to give a lot of design choices,” said Neeraj Gaur, Samarth Crafts Founder.

Because of deep penetration of digital media in our lives, more and more people are searching Indoor swing online. At Samarth we made Indoor swing online and for that please visit .

Indoor swing takes us back to our royalty and rich culture. Offering respect to our culture Samarth offers culture and beauty in terms of Indoor Swing online, Which is available online. You can reach as at


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